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24/7 Wall St. looked at some of America’s most successful public corporations, both in terms of sales growth and stock prices improvement. We then selected companies where the CEO is the driving force behind that success. This judgment is subjective, but these chief executives are widely admired for their imaginations, ability to navigate varying economic conditions, and most important, their ability to take market share from all of their competitors.
24/7 Wall St网站研究了一些美国最成功的的上市公司,包括销售增长和股票价格的改善。然后我们选择了一些由CEO的创新力而成功的公司。评判带有主观性,但这些总裁因他们的想象力、驾驭各种经济状况的能力而广受赞誉。更为重要的是,他们在竞争者中获取市场份额的能力。
Based on these criteria, many CEOs have been ruled out. Exxon Mobil may be the largest and most profitable oil company in the world, but CEO Rex Tillerson did not manage the merger that created the oil giant and has not pioneered crude discoveries or advancements in exploration. Intel continues to change the face of the chip business, but CEO Paul Otellini stands on the shoulders of Intel’s founders who invented the advanced chip industry and created Intel’s culture of innovation. Amgen is the world’s largest and most successful biotech company. CEO Kevin Sharer does not spend thousands of hours in the company’s labs.
The following are the leaders who revolutionized their companies, and to a great extent, their industries.
1. Netflix — Reed Hastings. The CEO of Netflix, Hastings, is only 50. He co-founded Netflix in 1998. The company’s first target was Blockbuster, the huge and highly profitable movie rental retail chain. Blockbuster had revenue of over $5 billion and nearly 6,000 stores when Netflix was founded. Hastings believed that it was more convenient for people, who watch DVDs at home, to receive them at home. He was right. Blockbuster is now bankrupt while Netflix has over 20 million subscribers.
1、Netflix—里德-哈斯廷斯。Netflix的CEO哈斯廷斯年仅50岁,他在1998年合伙创办了Netflix网站。公司的第一个目标是Blockbuster。它是一家庞大且利润很高的影片出租零售连锁店。Blockbuster的收益超过50亿美元,近6000家店铺,而当时Netflix只是初创。哈斯廷斯认为Netflix网站更方便想在家观看 DVD片的人,在家就能取得DVD片。他是正确的。Blockbuster现已破产,而 Netflix网站 有超过2000万的订阅者。
But Hastings’s innovations did not stop there. As broadband technology developed and became widely spread in 2004 and 2005, Netflix used it to launch a business that allowed consumers to stream premium content from Netflix servers to their PCs. The service was upgraded two years later so the films and TV shows could be streamed straight to televisions.
Hastings has also set up deal to license content directly from studios, which poses a major threat to cable TV and telecom fiber-to-the-home businesses. Hastings changed the video rental, video delivery system, and premium content access infrastructure models, all within just 13 years. Netflix shares shot up 1000% in five years, a gain that’s even better than Apple’s.
2. Ford — Alan Mulally. Mulally has been Ford’s CEO since 2006 when he took the helm from William Clay Ford Jr., one of a long line of Fords who had run the car manufacturer. Mulally’s first contribution to one of the largest industries in the world was to prove that someone from outside the industry could run a car company better than those who had worked in it for decades. Even GM now has a new CEO who is new to the business. Mulally brought the discipline of a gifted general manager and treated Ford as a corporate clean sheet.

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