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人们这部电影有什么反感和批评吗?当然有,蒂姆.伯顿导演重新翻拍的这部路易斯.卡洛儿的经典童话被指责缺乏叙述的重点,并且也无须使用3D技术。但是电影的视觉效果仍然是很震撼的,海伦娜.伯翰.卡特在剧中扮演Red Queen ,她巨大的头(更别提她的那些青蛙仆人)令我们仍俊不禁。米娅.华希科沃斯卡也足够可爱,像极了那个只想过自己生活的爱丽丝。但是请不要再让我们再看约翰尼.德普跳霹雳舞了。 -- Patricia J. Chui


49. 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

We know what you're thinking: 'Twilight'? Really?! But before you judge, hear us out: While it didn't exactly reinvent 'Citizen Kane,' at the end of the day, 'Eclipse' was a pretty fun time at the movies. Sure, it had its fair share of 'Twilight' trappings, and we still think Bella would have been better off with Jacob, not Edward. But as an action-thriller, 'Eclipse' totally worked. (The scene in which Bryce Dallas Howard gets her head smashed? Awesome.) If ever there was a time to embrace 'The Twilight Saga,' it would be 2010. -- Andy Scott



我们知道你在想什么:“暮光之城?不是吧?!”但是在你在下定义之前,请听听我们的解释:虽然最后它还是没有另一部成为《公民凯恩》,但是《月蚀》在其系列电影中是很有趣的一部。当然,它在《暮光》系列中占有公平的份额,并且我们仍然认为贝拉还是比较适合雅克布,而不是爱德华。但是作为一部动作惊悚片,《月蚀》已经完成得很好了(布莱斯.达拉斯.霍华德大脑粉碎的场景够可怕了)。如果真有选一个时间要大赞《暮光》的话,那正是2010年。-- Andy Scott


48. 'Made in Dagenham'

Another spirited 'Full Monty'-style tale of working-class Britons standing up for themselves and challenging class and gender norms in the process -- only this one happens to be based on a true story. Sally Hawkins is feisty, funny and ultimately moving as the Norma Rae type who leads a squad of seamstresses at a Ford plant in 1968 in England's first successful battle to ensure that women earned equal pay to men in equivalent jobs. -- Gary Susman


又一部类似于《一脱到底》风格的励志影片,改编于一个真实的故事,讲述英国工薪阶层为自己而努力奋斗并且在此过程中挑战阶级不公和性别歧视的故事。莎莉.霍金斯活跃、有趣并且很动人,这正如剧中的Norma Rae 一样。Norma Rae 是福特公司的一名女裁缝,1968年在她努力下英国女工人第一次获得了男女同工同薪的权利。-- Gary Susman


47. 'Buried'

A claustrophobic's worst nightmare, this is the only film to ever take place entirely within the confines of a wooden coffin. The sole person we ever see on screen –- Paul (played by Ryan Reynolds) –- endures just about every horror possible. As the viewer we are buried alive, too, and we gasp for air right along with him. This one's definitely not for the faint of heart. -- Chris Jancelewicz


这是一个幽闭恐怖症患者的噩梦,整部电影故事完全发生在一个禁闭的棺材中。在屏幕上我们唯一能见到的人就是保罗(在剧中扮演Ryan Reynolds),在剧中他要忍受每分每秒都有可能出现的恐怖。作为观众我们同样也被活埋了,并且我们同他一起都紧张得喘不过气来了。这部电影当然绝非是为了让我们心脏的昏厥而做。-- Chris Jancelewicz

46. 'TRON: Legacy'

Disney took a major gamble by throwing an estimated $170 million at a sequel to a cult 1982 movie that few people have ever seen. Whether it earns back that massive investment remains to be seen, but the overall result is a genuinely exciting, eye-popping, 3-D action flick about a human (Garrett Hedlund) who gets sucked into a sentient computer program while searching for his long-lost father (Jeff Bridges). You can bet that if it does turn a profit, the next installment in the 'TRON' franchise won't take 28 years to come to the screen. -- John Sellers



迪斯尼这次大赌了一把,豪掷一千七百万美元在该片上,《创:战纪》是1982年上映的科幻影片(《电子世界争霸大赛》)的续集,但是此片当时很少有人观看过。至于,《创:战纪》是否能回本还要拭目以待,但是总体上的结果还是很激动人心的,它的3D效果也令然瞠目结舌。故事讲述的是由加内特.赫德兰扮演的男主角在寻找自己失踪多年的父亲(杰夫.布里奇斯扮演)的过程中,进入了一款有意识的电脑游戏中(从而展开的冒险故事)。你大可猜测它是否能扭亏为盈,但是《创:战纪》的下一部应该不会要花费28年之久了吧。-- John


45. 'I Love You Phillip Morris'

Jim Carrey turns in his funniest movie in a decade in this bizarre true story about a gay con-man who won't let prison -- or anything else, for that matter -- keep him from the love of his life, Phillip Morris (Ewan MacGregor). This subversive, laugh-a-minute comedy -- which almost didn't get released -- is 'Catch Me if You Can' with dark, twisted humor and a zany lead performance by Carrey. -- Brian Childs



44. 'Shutter Island'

When is a horror film just a little bit "more" of a horror film? When folks like Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio lend their inestimable talents to a crafty new take on a very old story. A charmingly old-fashioned "haunted asylum" thriller on one hand, and a fascinating rumination on the deceptive powers of madness on the other, the film succeeds on equal doses of moody atmosphere, clever storytelling and some powerfully good acting. (Mark Ruffalo is particularly great as DiCaprio's detective partner.) Although it probably won't rank among Mr. Scorsese's all-time best, 'Shutter Island' stands as a testament to the man's love for cinema. -- Scott Weinberg




43. 'Monsters'

This overlooked, low-budget sci-fi gem proves the old adage that less is more. Shot for a reported $15,000 and devoid of flashy special effects or a marquis name, 'Monsters' had to make do instead with a solid story; it documents a romance that blossoms in a Mexico "infected" by (usually unseen) giant squid-like aliens. In the process, like 'District 9' before it, the film provides a neat allegory about a thorny real-world subject (in this case, immigration). -- JS




42. 'Casino Jack and the United States of Money'
Kevin Spacey made a game try of embodying disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff (in a fiction feature simply called 'Casino Jack,') but in Alex Gibney's documentary, the real thing is even funnier and more outrageous. Gibney untangles the double-dealing schemes that made Abramoff Washington's most powerful influence peddler, the scandals that took him down (and some national politicians with him), and the system of Congressional payola he perfected, which continues humming smoothly and fleecing taxpayers in his absence. -- GS

凯文.史派西曾尝试想把惨遭贬谪的说客杰克.阿布拉莫夫(在小说人物中被称作‘'Casino Jack’)具体化,但是在阿莱克斯.吉布内的纪录片中,这个真实的故事变得更加有趣并且令人诧异。吉布内梳理了那些两面派的事件,正是这些事情使得阿布拉莫夫——这位华盛顿最有能力的权利贩子下台走人(还有一些政客也是如此),但是他所完善的国会贿赂系统在他离开后仍然良好运行着并且很好的逃开了税收。


41. 'Catfish'
One of the most buzzed-about documentaries of the year grabbed everyone's attention with its creepy trailer and "shh, don't tell" ad campaign. Following three New York City filmmakers and their relationship with a child-painting-prodigy and her Midwest family, the film revealed the new disconnect that exists in relationships forged entirely over social media. Some audiences grew upset that the movie didn't live up to the hype they were promised, and the directors have had to defend their movie from accusations of being staged, but nonetheless, 'Catfish' offers an intimate look at lonely people in America and the weird things they'll do for attention. -- Eric Larnick


40. 'Red'
Known more formally as "that movie with old people playing assassins," 'Red' attracted less attention this year than that OTHER movie with aging action stars, 'The Expendables.' But this movie was droll, witty, well-acted by its powerhouse thespian cast ... and most importantly, it was a heck of a lot of fun. Plus, the pleasures of watching Helen Mirren hoist a machine gun while wearing an evening gown cannot be overstated. -- PJC



39. 'Mother'
There are few things we admire more than a filmmaker who is willing to try something new each time out. This definitely holds true for Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, who, after highly appealing monster movie 'The Host,' returns with a strange but entirely appealing crime thriller (of sorts). The tale of an overbearing mother who will do anything to clear the name of her son (who has been accused of murder), it's an odd but captivating character study that goes to some weird places but never loses its confident stride. Suffice to say, you've heard lead actress Kim Hye-ja mentioned in early awards banter for very good reason. -- SW



38. 'Inside Job'
Charles Ferguson attacks the 2008 financial meltdown with the same scholarly rigor he brought to the Iraq War in 'No End in Sight,' and with the same fearlessness in naming names and placing blame for the self-serving decision-making of a few plutocrats that continues to affect us all. After all, as the movie makes clear, the principals haven't been held accountable, and the system of collusion between Wall Street, Washington and academia that made their abuses possible remains firmly in place. -- GS



37. 'Let Me In'
It's one of this year's best films, and it may also go on to become one of the greatest horror remakes of all time. This Swedish-turned-English-language sensation, about a young boy who befriends a young girl, both of them emotionally tortured for different reasons (he's bullied; she's a vampire), was sweet on the inside and gory on the outside. 'Cloverfield' director Matt Reeves managed to capture a freakish, nostalgic mood with his '80s setting, not to mention stellar performances from his two young stars. The only disappointment was that more people didn't see it. -- Erik Davis

这是年度最好电影之一,而且它也可能成为最伟大的恐怖电影之一,该片讲述的是一个内心很美好但外在却很残酷的小男孩与一个小女孩之间的友谊,由于不同的原因,这两个孩子在情感上都受到了很大的折磨(男孩经常被欺负,而小女孩是一个吸血鬼)。“科洛弗档案”的导演Matt Reeves 这次努力把握住了他所设定的这个80年代奇特又怀旧的情绪,还有他的两个小童星出色的表演也令人称赞。唯一遗憾的是,有很多人并没有看到这部电影。


36. 'Enter the Void'
Probably the most divisive film on the list, 'Void' explores the cycle of life and death as an overwhelming, intense series of moments -- graphic sex, traumatic accidents, abortion and birth are all depicted in an unflinching manner -- and that would be enough to confront most viewers. But what makes 'Enter the Void' so revolutionary is the cinematic approach to such human material; told from the out-of-body perspective of a dying, drug-tripping man, the film explores Tokyo nightlife and people's sensory excesses. Its a three-hour-long, psychedelic, colorful look at humanity that's not just a viewing experience, but also a senses-stimulating, hallucinogenic trip. -- EL



35. 'Easy A'
In a year that lacked strong comedies, 'Easy A' was a breath of fresh air and a return to the beloved high school laffers that seemed to die with 'Mean Girls.' The film -- a loose take on 'The Scarlet Letter,' in which a high school student's (Emma Stone) reputation goes sour when she pretends to hook up with boys at her school -- made audiences laugh and smile, and solidified its place as one of the best feel-good comedies of the year. Even better: It finally gave Stone the chance to shine as a charming and -- more importantly -- funny leading lady. (Just watch her sing 'Pocketful of Sunshine' if you don't believe us.) -- Gaby Dunn

这一年缺乏超强的喜剧,《绯闻女孩》带来了一抹新鲜的色彩、剧情回归到了挚爱的高中校园就像电影《贱女孩》一样。这部电影别样的呈现了名著《红字》,讲述了一个高中女生(艾玛.斯通)假装和男生们暧昧却使得自己臭名昭著的故事。这部片令人捧腹,也在今年的喜剧电影市场获得一席之地。更好的是:这部电影也给了斯通一个机会展示她的魅力,更重要的是,她作为女主角的喜剧天分(如果你不相信我们,就去看看她的MV “阳光满袋”)。


34. 'Another Year'
Keeping in the tradition of his previous films, Mike Leigh ('Secrets and Lies,' 'Vera Drake') finds brilliance in an otherwise simple story -- in this case, a year in the life of a happily married couple, ironically named Tom and Gerri. Although Tom and Gerri drive the narrative plot, it's actually their boozing friend, Mary, who steals the show, thanks to a lively -- but mostly devastating -- performance by Lesley Manville. While most Hollywood blockbusters disappointed, this little indie proved to be one of the year's must-see movies. -- AS



33. 'The Other Guys'
After a couple of hiccups, Will Ferrell returns to fine form in this hilarious buddy-cop comedy opposite Mark Wahlberg. Reteaming with Adam McKay, the film follows two polar-opposite cops with only one thing in common: everyone thinks they're a joke. But when they stumble upon an opportunity to finally prove themselves, hilarity ensues, complete with a scene-stealing Michael Keaton, memorable campos by Samuel L. Jackson, Derek Jeter and Dwane Johnson. Oh, and did we mention a smoking-hot Eva Mendes singing 'Pimps Don't Cry'? -- Alicia Roda

在几部烂片后,威尔.法瑞尔终于回归到了他最擅长的喜剧当中了,此次他扮演的是一名滑稽的警察,而饰演他对手戏的则是马克.沃尔伯格。这部由亚当.麦凯导演的电影,描述了两种极端的警察,他们只有一点相同:人人都认为他们是笑话。但是当他们偶然发现一个机会可以证明他们自己的时候,一连串搞笑的事情接连发生了。此部参演的还有迈克尔.基顿,塞缪尔.杰克逊、德里克.基特、道恩.强森。哦,对了,我们有提到伊娃.门德斯在片中大唱:“Pimps Don't Cry” 吗——Alicia Roda


32. 'Tangled'
The Magic Kingdom has never looked more magical than it does in Disney's princess rom-com, 'Tangled.' Loosely based off of the classic fairytale 'Rapunzel,' the story -- voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi -- gets a fresh coat of paint with the help of some rock 'n' roll, a host of family-friendly odd ball characters and a beauty-obsessed evil stepmother, deliciously voiced by Donna Murphy. This one is a hair above the rest. -- BC

从没有哪一个魔幻王国比这次迪斯尼发行的《长发公主》更加魔幻了。《长发公主》改编自格林童话《长发公主》,由曼迪.摩尔和扎克瑞.莱维配音。这部电影里有曼迪的摇滚音,还有一些一大群颇受欢迎的奇怪的舞会角色,和一个美貌却心如蛇蝎的后母(由唐纳.墨菲配音),这些无疑都为《长发公主》增色不少。这部电影的头发可比其它电影的要长得多。-- BC

31. 'Four Lions'
A farce can court controversy just for the hell of it, or it can earn its notoriety through sheer force of bravery. Chris Morris' 'Four Lions' most certainly falls into the latter category, as it's easily one of the most brazen, intelligent and incendiary comedies of the past several years. Perhaps best described as a "comedy of terror(ist)s," the trenchant and confident flick boldly tackles material that's rarely (if ever) made fun of, and somehow manages to turn a parody about extremist values into an unexpectedly moving tale about the simple and innate cluelessness of the human animal. Destined to be talked about for years to come. -- SW



30. 'Despicable Me
With a stellar cast that includes Steve Carell, Miranda Cosgrove and Jason Segel, 'Despicable Me' was one of the best kids' movies of 2010, and one of the most entertaining of any movie, as well. Following wannabe villain Gru (Carell) and his quest to be defeat newbie Victor (Segel), 'Despicable Me' proved to be both adorable and touching, especially when Gru finds a family in three adopted little girls. (Plus, those little yellow "minions" were just so huggable!) -- GD



29. 'The Fighter'
David O'Russell ('I Heart Huckabees,' 'Three Kings') packs a real punch in his inspirational take on boxer Micky Ward's (Mark Wahlberg) journey to become junior welterweight champion. Mark Wahlberg is wonderful in the title role, and is supported nicely by Amy Adams, who plays Micky's bartending girlfriend, Charlene. But the real reason to see the film Oscar frontrunner Christian Bale, who, at the risk of using another boxing pun, gives a knockout performance, as Ward's crack-addicted brother, Dicky. -- AS

大卫.0.拉塞尔这次带给我们一个鼓舞人心的故事——拳击手米奇·沃德(马克·沃尔伯格饰)成为次轻级中量级冠军的心路历程。马克.沃尔伯格在剧中表现出色,并且得到了艾米.亚当斯(在剧中扮演一名酒吧女招待,是米奇的女朋友,莎林)的鼎力支持。但是该片领跑奥斯卡的真正原因还在于克里斯蒂安.贝尔,他在剧中扮演沉溺于酒精与毒品的沃德的哥哥,Dicky,在剧中他有令人印象深刻的表演。 -- AS


28. 'Animal Kingdom'
This Aussie crime thriller is too ominous and claustrophobic to be described with cliche terms like "gritty" and "dark." The story of a teenage boy, adopted by his crime-lord relatives, features a cast-load of unnerving, distrustful performances -- from young new-comers to Down Under legends that are finally getting the stateside acclaim they deserve (Jacki Weaver!) -- and the movie only grows in dread as the cops move in and the death toll rises. One of the bleakest, most gripping films of the year, 'Animal Kingdom' never lets you forget that family or no family, life and death is always determined by survival of the fittest. -- EL

这部澳大利亚的犯罪惊悚片因为太过于不祥和阴暗而被冠上了犹如“黑暗”这样的陈词滥调。这个故事讲述的是一个被犯罪家族收养的男孩,剧中大量的表现了大量紧张的、不信任的气氛——从年轻的新的移民到澳大利亚当地的传奇(他们都值得的得到当地的赞扬)。仅仅是在警察们冲进来并且死亡人数陡增时电影才上升为显恐怖。作为今年最阴暗并且最扣人心弦的电影之一,《动物王国》要告诉你不论是有家庭的、没家庭的、活着的或者已死的人,适者生存都是硬道理。-- EL


27. 'The Ghost Writer'
Nearly lost amid the legal kerfuffle concerning Roman Polanski earlier this year was the fact that the beleaguered director's has created an instant genre classic with this taut political thriller about a writer (Ewan MacGregor) hired to "ghost" the memoirs of a Tony Blair-esque former prime minister (Pierce Brosnan). In his quest to uncover more and more about the PM's shady affairs, MacGregor dives down the proverbial rabbit hole -- and, refreshingly, there are no happy endings here. -- JS




26. 'A Prophet'
Prison movies have been done before (ad nauseum), but none are as bleak and dark as this French drama. Sure, we've seen the gang warfare, the corrupt guards, the violent sexual violations and the oft-unsanitary environs of jail, but not in this light. Imagine navigating the murky waters of prison life as an illiterate teenager? -- CJ

监狱题材的电影早已不新鲜了,但是没有一部像这部法国电影这样阴冷。当然我们在其中看到了冲突、腐败的守卫、性暴力还有监狱旁不卫生的郊区,但是这些并不是公布于众的。想象一下一名文盲少年掌管了监狱的黑帮势力会是怎样的情形?-- CJ


25. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I'
Setting the tone for the final installment of the 'Harry Potter' franchise, 'Deathly Hallows' proved to be the darkest -- and one of the best -- 'Potter' movies thus far. Sure, there were some tears (RIP Dobby!), and Harry, Hermione and Ron faced their fair share of road blocks (getting tortured by Death Eaters, anyone?). But Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint handled the acting challenge like pros, and the thrills and excitement experienced in 'Part I' has us itching to see 'Part II' next summer. -- GD

作为哈利波特系列电影的收官之作,这部“与死亡圣器”被认为是最黑暗的一部,同时也是最好的一部。当然,影片也是伴着泪水的(可怜的精灵,多比!),哈利、赫敏和罗恩在他们前进道路上也面对了很多阻碍(被食死徒虐待等)。但是丹尼尔、艾玛和鲁伯特已经能够像专家一样很好的处理这些表演上的挑战。上部这些冒险和刺激已经让我们迫不及待想看下部了(可惜下部还要等到2011年夏天)。-- GD


24. 'Restrepo'
Take 'The Hurt Locker' and make it real; there you have 'Restrepo.' Never before has a documentary taken us so close to the war in Afghanistan. You'll jump out of your seat as the mortars go off, the machine guns fire, and the platoon's comrades fall under enemy attack. When the soldiers in the movie talk about their harrowing nightmares, they're not just paying lip service. After you watch, you might just have those nightmares, too. -- CJ




23. 'The Illusionist'
Tender, quiet moments are dwelled upon in this beautiful animated feature based on a post-mortem script by French comedic legend Jacques Tati. Nearly wordless, 'The Illusionist' poignantly illustrates the saddness of old men made obsolete in an increasingly younger, faster world. -- BC

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