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The Recipe for Student Success – Ingredient One : Real Passion


“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen for you, to you and because of you.” T. Alan Armstrong


There’s no denying that going to college can get pretty expensive, not only in money but also in time. Firstly, there is the initial debt that comes from paying for tuition and accommodation, and then there’s the time we lose having to work to pay it back. Going to university is a huge sacrifice, the question is, is it worth it?


The answer, I think, is yes, if you possess what is one of the most important ingredients in student success – Real Passion, with capitals.


Real Passion is magical. It creates motivation, determination and perseverance. It gets you up in the morning, it energizes your day and it pushes you to the best of your ability.


In an ideal world, everyone would love the subject they’re studying. There may or may not be other reasons for choosing it, but the main reason is that they want to learn. Now, this may seem obvious but up until now, I’ve met too many people that have forgotten the reason why they came to university. They spend too many nights out, they skip lectures and cram in all the work in at the last minute. They’ve forgotten their purpose, which is very sad, especially when I see it happening to my friends, the people that I have really come to care about. Of course, I myself am not perfect, and every now and again I have a lazy night in when I don’t do a shred of work but eventually, I find my way back on track by finding my Real Passion.


What is Real Passion? This can be answered by asking what Unreal Passion is. Unreal Passion is lust, it’s based on fickle things like beauty or money and it eventually burns out. If you’re doing a subject because of salaries and titles, your happiness won’t last. Real Passion means putting genuine love into everything you do, even if people tell you it’s stupid and it doesn’t pay well. It may not always be practical but as they say,


Do what you love and the money will follow.


Passion has many meanings, but the most crucial part of any kind of passion is desire. It may not be very ‘Zen’ of me to say it, but this kind of ‘desire’ is different. Here, it is the desire to quench an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, a desire to do the best that we can and a desire to be happy.


I know it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, sometimes academic life is tough, and full of rough patches. But that’s ok, as long as deep down inside the passion is still there, then you can keep going. If you’re having trouble finding it, try:


1. Meditation and reflection. Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we leave things that are important but not urgent at the back of our minds. Quiet meditation, even for a few minutes, can help us find the reasons why we chose to be here in the first place and let them generate the passion that we lost from the stress of everyday life.


2. Reading. The essays, articles, posts, books and other works of the great experts can be really inspiring. They create goals that you can aim for, maybe even one day surpass. I can guarantee that those people didn’t get there without a dash of Real Passion.


3. Visualisation. Connecting the previous two suggestions, visualisation is a powerful tool. If you can visualise yourself in your dream job, you’re a quarter of the way there already, because you know where you’re going. You can figure out how to get there later. If you had no boundaries and no fears, where would you be in ten years time?

3、做白日梦。 如果你遵循了前两个建议的话,做白日梦也会是极其有效的。如果你能想象出你热爱的工作是什么样子,你就已经完成这个梦想的四分之一了,因为你对你前行的目的地已经了然于胸,你于是可以想尽各种办法到达那里。如果你敢于天马行空、毫无畏惧的做做白日梦,那么真正十年后你会变成什么样子呢?

4. Going home. If it’s possible, going home for a little while (perhaps for one weekend) can really help make you realise how far you’ve come since you left. I went home for the first time in months after leaving for college and I was surprised at how both the same and different everything seemed. Not much had physically changed, my home still smelt like home and even my old room was just as I left it, but I was changed. I had come so far in so little time, I was so amazed, I didn’t want to stop. When I got back I was completely motivated to keep moving forwards.

4、回家。 如果可能的话,回一趟家,这样你就知道自己离家多久,走了多远。我在刚上大学的几个月后回了一趟家,我当时惊讶于一些事物看起来完全变了,而一些事物却还是老样子。我的家的摆设还是没有改变的,还是那样充满家的味道,我的房间也和我离开前一模一样,但是我变了。我在短时间内就走了如此远,以至于我自己也感到惊讶,而我却不曾想停下脚步。当我回到家时,我感到自己充满了前进的勇气。

5. Focus. Sometimes we lose our passion for something because we spread what passion we have over too many commitments. We want to try out new things, make lot’s of friends, fit more things to do into our lives. Most of the time this a good thing, we should make the most out of the opportunities that we get in college, but every now and again being spread to thinly can make us forget where our real passion lies. Bringing it back to what we love best and focussing on that can help recreate the passion we once held for it.

5、专注。 有时候我们把自己的激情分成很多份,同时做很多的事情,结果往往是我们失去了激情。我们想尝试新鲜的事物,想结交更多的朋友,为生活注入很多新的元素。这通常是好的,因为我们正应该好好利用上大学所赋予我们的契机。但同时做太多的事做会使我们失去激情。回到对我们所热爱的事物的专注上,我们便能重拾激情。

All being said, it is important to distinguish between temporarily forgotten passion and passion that has died. When it is time to move on, it’s time to move on, and letting go of attachments to once-have’s and what-could-have-been’s can be just as important. Nevertheless, it all boils down to how greatly you need to have passion, how influential it can be and how crucial an ingredient it is in The Recipe for Student Success.






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